The Fate of Ellonde

Forgive me, reader, as I failed to recount the fate of Ellonde for many moons now. The quest for the tale was difficult, and time was short. However, here, I recount all of the information I acquired on the land and the legends of Ellonde, and hopefully, you may derive some small satisfaction from the remainder of the tale, for which many details remain lost in the mist.

Last we left of, Rakuzan had flown away in his glowing white airship to the West, the the kingdom of the Elves. Unbeknownst to him, our heroes discovered his ploy, and traced his ship to the kingdom. On their journey, the legend recounts, they encountered many trials, ranging from racists to the undead, and concluding with their witnessing of the death of the king and prince of the nation at the hand of Rakuzan.

Following a near betrayal, the teamed up with Shukra, a malicious dragonborn with hidden intentions to escape the Elven Kingdom and head to the forests of Hondande. On their way there, they discovered the former king of the Dragons, Sen, hidden in a stolen airship, the legendary Dolan (as named by Mainak the flying mountain, who had a special affinity for Dolan and whom they also encountered in their travels).

Before arriving at Hondande, the adventurers visited Felix’s hometown of Greymil, and discovered Dolan’s father as the one behind all of the trouble. They also found the town in strife with the death of its ruling nobles, and the formation of a democracy resulted in the election of a Gnome with a “huge” ego…much to Felix’s chagrin.

The group journeyed south to the Kingdom of the Vanaras of Hondande (passing through a dangerous Erelian camp), and sorted through messy politics to form an alliance with the Vanara king; before they were done, however, they discovered that it was Dolan himself who had been the cause of the all of Ellonde’s misfortune, based off his own greed. It was here that Rakuzen showed his face again, threatening to kill Maila and Regen, and killing Arafor, only to supposedly die through some of Drva’s powerful magic.

From here, the party, apprehensive of Dolan, headed north to meet an ally of Shukra’s, when Dolan did the unthinkable – he jumped off the airship, followed by Dhvani – with both miraculously surviving the fall.

The rest of the party, unsure of what had happened, simply continued on, until their airship was blown to smithereens and they were forced to continue on foot. They eventually arrived to the prison island of the Forlonde Wastelands, where they were greeted by treachery and from Shukra, who, unbeknownst to them, teamed up with the “Man-woman” and his-her goblin army and kidnapped the children (whilst also brutally murdering Alinda’s dog).

The remainder of the group chased them to a ritual chamber of sorts, where, through the help of the pompous Garl Glittergold, they were able to defeat all (the first heir to the Erelian throne, his army, the the man-woman, and his-her army) but Shukra, who escaped with his hostages, with the party barely escaping with their lives.

The party then teamed up with the Vanaras in the forests, who had witnessed the battle, and tracked Shukra south to the now unguarded capital of the Erelian Empire, Rilark. Here the Vanaras launched a major assault on the city guard, while Shukra was found in the castle.

In the castle sat Dolan, with his “slave” Dhavni tied with a chain near him. Next to him was the cowardly Vanara king, who had surrendered, and Shukra, who challenged Dolan to the throne. Dolan then summoned his flying mountain friend, Mainak, and Shukra flew up to fight him head on.

The party rushed in to save their friends and family who were in danger, and after a great battle, Mainak was finally crippled and Shukra came down to Earth. At this point, however, Rakuzan was revealed to have survived his brush with death, and came disguised as Alinda’s dog, allying with Drva. Once everything had settled, the party split into two sides, with the now free Dhvani, Felix, Alinda, and all of the children on one, and Rakuzan, Dolan, and Shukra on the other. Shukra, weakened, was easily defeated, and Rakuzen fell pathetically,, being hurt and slipping and dying on his own blood.

However, it was at this point that the structure of the building, which was already weakened by the battle of Mainak and Shukra, started coming apart. Whilst escaping the failing building, Dolan expired, whilst the rest of the party – including the traitor Drva – escaped. Drva left the party, and from that moment, disappeared from the pages of history. However, Mainak the mountain, though crippled, spread the word of Dolan far and wide, to the point that, to this day, he remains as a legend, told in bedtimes stories and idolized far and wide. Alinda left to the forests, and lived out her life there. Felix initially returned to Greymil, where his sister was boosted to a leadership role after the untimely fall of the former “leader”. However, Felix and Dhvani would live out the rest of their lives trying, as best as they could, to wipe the name Dolan from the face of Ellonde, a task at which they, though moderately successful, would ultimately fail. Thus ends the tale of the tale of the adventurers who brought the end to the power-hungry Erelian Empire.

However, the Ellonde would be in political turmoil with the crippling of the Erelian Empire, until the only powerful strong enough to fill the void arrived – the legendary Ent Raj, which restored peace and unity to the land after years of war. And this, reader, does the tale of the War for Ellonde end.

-Extracted from the collected works of Arvis Trilf, Overseer at the Heritage Institute of Highgrove.

Rakuzen and Leaving Cen

The party awakens in the dark room to find Drva disappear into a magic portal, pulled by some unknown force. Unsure of what happened, they continue on. They open the door with the yellow light behind it to reveal a sort of balcony with a metal gate. Felix disguises himself as a guards and loosely ties the rest of the group together, and successfully dupes the guards and heads down a stairwell. He and the part emerges into a line of other guards taking prisoners along with them to the center of a large execution area, where a Judge named Fodor Hurmain – who the Party recognizes as the son of the halfling for which they entered the academy – sentences others to executions, and says a woman named Elmina Valkoor – a mageocrat – is to be executed as well.

Felix puts the rest of the party in a cart to be executed and goes down the line, forming a plan. Meanwhile, Fodor takes a liking to an Elf named Arafor – a prisoner in one of the carts, and proceeds to do unusual actions, such as lick him and stroke him with his blade. He ultimately knocks him out and has him kept for “further use”. He executes the other prisoner in the cart. When the cart with the party reaches the front, Dolan is able to leap onto the judges podium, intimidating Fodor, who falls back to the ground and decides to run with two guards. An orc executioner operating the guillotine is excited and leaps onto the table to battle Dolan.

Fodor starts running with two guards, one helping him and the other carrying Arafor. The one carrying Arafor has a mid life crisis, and decides to heal the wounded and unconcious Elf before leaving; the other guard joins him. Felix, seeing this, persuades (through magic) Fodor to declare the revolution over, though he has no power. He ends up yelling its over before tripping over his robe and knocking himself unconscious. Felix then starts attacking the orc at range, but is noticed by two guards, and picked up by one to be carried to the podium and followed by the other.

Meanwhile, Arafor searches for and forges a glass dagger using a random shard and some cloth, and hides, before attacking the guard not carrying Felix behind the stairwell. Felix is forced to go up the steps to the top of the podium, on which an epic battle is occurring between Dolan and the Orc, though both completely miss each other over and over again. Arafor puts on the guard uniform (of the one he killed) and follows.

With Felix and Arafor’s help, Dolan is finally able to defeat the orc (with Felix striking the final blow). The crowd then announces Dolan to be the new “leader of the revolution”, at which point a gate opens in the hall and an intimidating but attractive Elven figure with a gnomish bodyguard – Felix’s brother Brutus, whom he recognizes – emerges. The crowd falls silent, and he demands to know what is going on there, at which point he notices Felix and laughs. He calls Felix his brother and reveals himself to be Rakuzen. He then commands 10 guards (three of whom are killed instantly by their comrades for disobeying orders) through the snap of his fingers to escort the group to him (Dolan and Arafor stay behind to help with executions, with Dolan executing over 250 people).

The rest of the group finds themselves in a room with 9 guards, Rakuzen, a woman he has on a leash in a skimpy dress, and Brutus. Rakuzen reveals he must eliminate Felix as he is his brother who dirties the bloodline, and also that he is the son of the ruler of Belonde, Faeron. He then charges Brutus to kill the rest, just taking two guards and the two girl “specimens” (Ma’ila and Regen) with him for further tests. The group battles and eventually kill the guards and Brutus after a long battle. Dolan and Arafor come (with Dolan breaking the Guillotine device over his knee while at it) beckoned by (magically conjured) calls of help from Dhvani during the fight, and Drva magically appears through a portal as well. Felix’s fingerprints help open the door Rakuzen left through (genetic similarity) and the group reaches an open field.

Here, they see a golden airship has already left in the distance, and a white airship is nearly loaded and ready to take off. Felix climbs on Dolan’s shoulders, who manages to run towards the leaving ship, and puncture a hole into the ships balloon using a crossbow. The crew jumps off, afraid it will blow, but it lands safely in a forest quite a distance away.

At this point, a giant fleet headed by a red, fiery ship and a thousand smaller black ships appears over Cen. Zrathurim, 4th in line to the Erelian Empire throne and leader of the Southern Fleet reveals that Cen’s treachery and Rakuzen’s presence has been discovered, and Cen is immensely bombed. Once that is completed, he states that a fair battle with not be repudiated, but Cen was surreptitious and therefore had to be punished. The country of Cen was then declared part of the Erelian Empire, as it no longer existed, and with the city of Cen smoldering, the fleet left – and Cen, though not obliterated entirely, was surely hurt badly, and its former power was completely destroyed.

The party then goes to the airship that landed a while back, and discovers three green liquid filled tanks, Regen (in glass tube), an unknown halfling (in glass tube), and a dead pilot in the cockpit (suicide). They also discover a cramped, airplane like airship with a passenger level, an engineering level, and a kitchen/bathroom level – all cramped with barely enough space. They cannot locate Ma’ila, and search for her, only to find the woman on the leash from before. She reveals herself to be Elmina Valkoor, the mageocrat. She states the rest of the council had already been executed in the revolution, but that Rakuzen had kept her as a sort of pet, and now she had been discarded and Mai’la had replaced her. She also stated that, for all of Rakuzen’s evil, he, Faeron, and Belonde were Ellonde’s best chance at stopping the Empire, which had just turned its attention on Cen, and that, regardless of feelings, they might be forced to ally with Rakuzen and Belonde for the good of Ellonde.

The party then questioned their deities for answers on how to proceed, with no response. Valkoor then asked her deity, the Diem, and he responded that they needed to proceed to Nella in Belonde for further answers. He then struck Drva multiple times for desecrating his name, and after finding out that Arafor can drive an airship, the party decided to rest before looking at how the now deflated ship can be fixed, and how to proceed in the future, with city of Cen smoldering in ruins behind them.

Entering the Academy

The group awakens in the stables to find a new companion, Alinda, a former university student who decides to tag along with them (first seen by Felix, then the others). Just before a group of guards enter to search the stable the group is hidden in, an old halfling Illusion magic professor comes and tells off the guards, letting them know it is his private property. He then beckons the group out, who recognize him as the halfling they saved in the tavern in the poor part of the city.

The halfling takes them to his house, and explains the academy is in lockdown, with a student revolt called the Liberation Front emerging with weapons of unknown origin (kind of like guns with arcane bullets) which has taken control of the university. The situation is unknown, but there are known hostages present in the facility. The professor offers 5000 gp from his wealth for the group to save his son, who is a research student at the university. He provides them with a signed note and a pass which are used to gain access to the academy (back entrance). Their pass is detained by a guard, however, who lets them know they have a time limit of two hours before a patrol unit is sent to retrieve them and kick them out (with other possible repercussions).

They enter the city and wander the campus a bit, until their presence is noted by three guards in all black with red goggles (the uniform of the Liberation Front). They kill two, while a third flees, and retrieve two of the projectile weapons, one with 3 shots, and the others with an unknown amount.

They keep searching (with no results; as Drva explains, the Illusion building, which is what they are searching for, has its entrance switch between secret locations in other buildings, making it difficult to find) until they reach the main building, next to a building with a sign marked (crudely painted) Necromancy. Dolan attempts to climb this building, alerting his presence to a group of students standing around a bonfire burning texts. They shoot him down (which he barely survives) and go on pursuit of him. To escape, the group ducks into the main building, coming upon a great hall with three doors – with green, yellow, and red lights in each. They enter the green light hallway after hearing a scream, and find a lab with glowing green glass tanks with subjects in them. Felix immediately kills the seemingly lead scientist (revealed to be his mother) and two other scientists (goblin and gnome – which is revealed to be one of his past servants). Two of the cages are released (with a handprint from the remaining halfling and the corspes) to free Ma’ila (Dhvani’s sister) and Regen (Felix’s sister), but both are twisted in the mind. The former stabs Dhvani in the heart with a sword made from her blood jutting from a cavity in her abdomen, while the latter is immediately locked up and placed in the green fluid. Ma’ila is, after a battle, also driven back into her cage and the fluid is introduced. The halfling reveals he is only a subordinate, and mentions a cure in the Hondande Forest from the Gnomes notes.

Felix finds he is able to turn the liquid – a highly concentrated form of water with other chemicals – into pure water, but accidentally drowns his sister. The green fluid gives her back her life, and using quick action and Felix’s spell, Ma’ila is freed with little hitch. However, Regen nearly drowns, until an epic chest press by Felix saves her life.

Ma’ila reveals she has no memory since the destruction of her home; Regen reveals Brutus and Felix’s mother turned on the family almost immediately following Felix’s departure, killing their father and her twin brother. She was kept as experimental fodder for some reason.

The halfling is allowed to escape, dodging Drva, but before he goes, he reveals that it was a mysterious figure named Rakuzen who was behind all of what was going on. The final green tube contained a halfling, but before the heros had the chance to investigate, they heard footsteps, and Drva detected a secret door to escape into. Jumping down into a secret cavern beneath the lab, the group finds themselves in a long hallway, which is revealed to be an illusion by Drva. The room is actually a smooth, circular room with a single door with the same yellow glow around the peripheries as seen before. With no other means to escape (unless the walls are somehow scaled to reenter the lab, the group decides to take rest for the night, waiting until they are healed to proceed.

Into Cen
Getting through some high walls

Our adventurers meet outside of the city of Cen, part of the Magocracy of Lumene. Dhvani (the pretty) and Felix (the drop dead gorgeous) are in the line for entry into Cen, trailed by the strong and pompous Dolan D. Wolf, who has a good chat with a halfling in the line (Gnome jokes – the lifeblood of Ellonde). To the side of the line is the mysterious Drva, a dwarven wizard watching as the lines go by. Trying to enter the city, Felix gets into some trouble by trying the sweet talk the (slow) guard to let him through more easily. His Garl Glittergold artifact, his crossbow, his crowbar and his grappling hook are confiscated as he is ushered in. In the confusion, Drva tries to unsuccessfully sneak into the city, but is spotted by some guards. He casts mist and hides roughly in a dumpster – and is successful, as the guards on the outside are paid badly. Felix receives his Garl Glittergold artifact, crowbar, and grappling hook, but his crossbow is “incinerated”. Dhvani and Dolan are able to get in with no troubles.

Seeing a young boy advertising (falsely) for free drinks and after Dolan hits on Dhvani by offering her a drink, they go into a bar. They meet a shopkeeper, Jed, who tries to sell them a rusty dagger, which they refuse. He then tries to sell them some other “quality” goods, at when all of a sudden, a group of thugs in the center of the bar (4 humans and 2 drow) announce that they will rob the members of the bar. In a memorable battle which included Jed’s death by Dhvani, Felix hitting himself with a door handle, and the deaths of 2 of the Drow and two of the Humans (with 2 other humans escaping), the party comes out hurt but successful. However, their success soon turns into a chase, with the barmaid (healed by Felix) soon turning against them and summoning guards to catch them because they killed Jed, her husband. Two figures – the halfling who originally chatted with Dolan and a gnomish friend of his – also are present, and escape in the middle of the battle. They then go and visit a racist Dwarf blacksmith, who gives them a cheap knockoff badge for 20 gold, and refuses to deal with them any further.

They are then again on the chase, with guards after them for Jed’s death. They go on a wild goosehunt through the streets of Cen, running into a drug ring in an alley, a group of corrupt guards, a group of thugs at a fence, and a couple of prostitutes, all of which were avoided through the fake badge and some quick talking from Felix (as well as his being fabulous). They finally arrive at a door in a large, 100 ft wall, which they cautiously enter. Felix shoots a “glowstick” like object, which shows another door at the end of a long hallway they have entered, as well as triggering and alarm. They run down the hallway as fast as they could, and in the dim light, Felix is able to convince a set of guards with the shittty fake badge.

Once they reach the end of the hallway, however, no amount of smashing the door or picking the lock works to budge the door. The alarms are triggered again, and a set of five guards emerge to arrest the trespassers. Felix, using some quick thinking, tricks the guards into believing he is nobility, and intimidates two of them into fleeing. A third also eventually flees out of Felix fear. However, Dhvani gets herself knocked out by a direct assault on the head guard, and bleeding out on the floor. Dolan and the head guard engage in a swinging battle in which neither hit each other properly, while Drva goes silently and crouches behind the head guard so as to trip him. The second to last guard starts to attack Felix before he becomes afraid of having even thought of attacking a possible noble, and commits suicide (Forgive me master!). Felix heals Dhvani, who cuts the guards ankle, and Dolan finally strikes a strong hit on the guard, though he still remains standing. Felix decides to finish the job, and shoots an arrow at the guard, which, due to lucky angling, passes straight through his, ricochets, and smashes the door, cracking it.

After the guards are looted and an “official” Captain badge is stolen off the guards, the door is pried open, and Felix manages to get on the other side. Drva finds a set of keys on the guard, which he hands to Felix, who opens the door, and they all get out. However, before they do, they hear strong, metallic footsteps in the distance, with the alarm still blaring off. They run into an open field, which seems to be a hunting grounds of a sort; the industrial area looms large in one direction, and the shining spires of the academy and capital rise in the other; there is also a castle in the distance, and forest. They run through the grounds, eventually happening upon a stable of a sorts. As it is night by this point, they run in, and Drva (with his Snake out) and Dhavni hide in the hay, with Felix lying on top of it. Dolan climbs to the rafters and they all go to sleep after a long and tiresome day of breaching the walls of Cen.

Ellonde: Age of Revolutions


The land of Ellonde has been shattered by war. The old system of kingdoms and principalities has been challenged by the rise of both empires and republics threatening its traditional ways. Yet, this turbulence has allowed for both an industrial and cultural revolution to occur throughout the land. From within this chaos emerge six adventurers – an unlikely band consisting of a human fighter, a dwarvish wizard, an elven ranger, a half-elven rogue, a half-elven druid, and a gnomish cleric. This is their tale…


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