Pipper Diles (Deceased)

CEO of Opton Banking


A short, overweight Human, Pipper Diles is short for his race, barely reaching 4 feet tall. Pipper was the only son of his father, the former CEO of Opton Banking, Braley Wiles, and therefore, the immediate heir to the monopoly. Pipper, though short and fat, is unusually charismatic, and it is said he could even charm a devil.


Pipper Diles is Ellonde’s biggest celebrity. He is also the most known face in Ellonde, with privately built luxury airships – an idea stolen from the Erelian military – flying around with his face on them, and every major city being plastered with it and the Opton Banking ads. He is also reviled by much of the world for being worse that even the aristocrats – a businessman born into wealth and who, ironically, for his lavish lifestyle, is one of the most powerful figures in Ellonde. However, his business sense cannot be looked down upon, for even in a revolution, he managed to expand Opton banking across Ellonde, and today, the system is the largest and profitable business in Ellonde, surpassing even government industries. However, though everyone knows Pipper, and he makes numerous public appearances, no one knows where his living quarters – and the headquarters – of Opton Banking exists.

Pipper Diles (Deceased)

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