Khazzuu I (Deceased)

Emporer of the Erelian Empire


A tall, red skinned dragonborn, Khazzuu was born to a Red Dragon, which are known as evil, malicious beasts, and a being of an other, unknown race. He is over 7 feet tall, well built, charismatic, an intelligent strategist, and known as a hero to many throughout the Erelian Empire – and even outside its borders, as he is seen to have freed the world from the tyranny of the aristocracy. However, others detest him for his brash actions, and his toppling of the status quo – and all nations are at war with him.


Khazzuu I’s origins are currently unknown, except for the fact that, in the year 4998, he was able to unite the scattered dragonborn tribes of Ellonde into a cohesive military unit. However, the dragonborn alone did not support him, for he had followers in his army from every race who felt that Khazzuu was the answer to the oppression of the high class of Ellonde – a class whose power had grown so immense that no one – until Khazzuu – had been able to oppose them. The feudal system maintained by the high class had been present for much of history, and no one had thought that an alternative existed – mostly due to the fact of the existence of the Dragon Lords, the most powerful lords in the land who split much of the world into sections for members of their classes to rule, and who, allied with the Elven, Dwarven, and Human rulers, maintained Ellonde’s status quo. Khazzuu, however, saw the high class – and especially the Dragons, who had cast him and his kind out as mutants – as a monster that those from the lower strata of society – of which he was a part – could eradicate. Khazzuu united the members of the wandering nomads of the Dragonborn and other oppressed races, and, on warg-back, rode in on unsuspecting dragon lord after dragon lord until all of the lands controlled by the dragon lords were eradicated, with the exception of the mountainous nation of Thaczil, the Dragon race’s homeland.

By 5030, Khazzuu had formed the largest unified government in the recorded history of the world, the Erelian Empire, and had dubbed himself Khazzuu I of the Erelian Empire. His greatest triumph was yet at hand, however, as rebellions and unrest throughout the Theocracy of Mithlinde caused by the uproar created by his conquest led the leaders to, in secret, approach Khazzuu I and submit themselves to him, becoming a puppet state in exchange for the military strength to suppress rebellion and revolt and to appease the peoples of the land. By 5035, Khazzhuu I ruled the entirety of the central lands, as well as the Theocracy of Mithlinde – a well known fact by everyone, but acknowledged by no one in public.

Currently, there are rumors of Khazzuu having reached old age, and being on his death bed, with his four sons and dragonborn generals vying for the throne.

Khazzuu I (Deceased)

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