Alinda Forgedawn


Alinda Forgedawn is a druid half-elf who likes to keep to herself. She has a passion for nature, and wants to explore everything it has to offer.


Alinda comes from a small village in the Eglalquidian Republic. Located slightly South of Sairina, the village of Reytris is a quiet village with farming as its main export. Alindas childhood is nothing out of the ordinary, she has a loving family (she thinks), and was even well off during her childhood. As she grew up, she spent most of her time in the woods behind her house, where she would practice her studies and relax in the shade of the giant trees.
When war recruitment came through her town, they came to her house and demanded that all able-bodied people serve in the war to come. Alinda didn’t want anything to do with the war, for she hated all of the corruption and unnecessary violence that came along with it. She did what she thought was the best, and that was to run away. She entered the thick woods behind her house, and she instantly felt safe and secure. She claimed the forest as her sanctuary, and started her life as a druid.
After she started her new life in the forest, Alinda encountered some hardships. One fateful day, while she was exploring a new part of the wood (somewhere around Ollo) a bear appeared out of the woods and attacked her. It ripped it’s claws across her face, leaving four gruesome gashes across the width of her face. She fell to the ground, sure that the bear would rip her throat out, when a large, gray and white dog attacked the bear. It managed to fend it off, and approached Alinda. Alinda instantly felt a connection with the dog and decided to take him on her journey as her friend.
Alinda and her riding dog, Gizel, now make their way through the forests of Ellonde, discovering new secrets of the forest, and doing anything to protect their sanctuary.

Alinda Forgedawn

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