The Fate of Ellonde

Forgive me, reader, as I failed to recount the fate of Ellonde for many moons now. The quest for the tale was difficult, and time was short. However, here, I recount all of the information I acquired on the land and the legends of Ellonde, and hopefully, you may derive some small satisfaction from the remainder of the tale, for which many details remain lost in the mist.

Last we left of, Rakuzan had flown away in his glowing white airship to the West, the the kingdom of the Elves. Unbeknownst to him, our heroes discovered his ploy, and traced his ship to the kingdom. On their journey, the legend recounts, they encountered many trials, ranging from racists to the undead, and concluding with their witnessing of the death of the king and prince of the nation at the hand of Rakuzan.

Following a near betrayal, the teamed up with Shukra, a malicious dragonborn with hidden intentions to escape the Elven Kingdom and head to the forests of Hondande. On their way there, they discovered the former king of the Dragons, Sen, hidden in a stolen airship, the legendary Dolan (as named by Mainak the flying mountain, who had a special affinity for Dolan and whom they also encountered in their travels).

Before arriving at Hondande, the adventurers visited Felix’s hometown of Greymil, and discovered Dolan’s father as the one behind all of the trouble. They also found the town in strife with the death of its ruling nobles, and the formation of a democracy resulted in the election of a Gnome with a “huge” ego…much to Felix’s chagrin.

The group journeyed south to the Kingdom of the Vanaras of Hondande (passing through a dangerous Erelian camp), and sorted through messy politics to form an alliance with the Vanara king; before they were done, however, they discovered that it was Dolan himself who had been the cause of the all of Ellonde’s misfortune, based off his own greed. It was here that Rakuzen showed his face again, threatening to kill Maila and Regen, and killing Arafor, only to supposedly die through some of Drva’s powerful magic.

From here, the party, apprehensive of Dolan, headed north to meet an ally of Shukra’s, when Dolan did the unthinkable – he jumped off the airship, followed by Dhvani – with both miraculously surviving the fall.

The rest of the party, unsure of what had happened, simply continued on, until their airship was blown to smithereens and they were forced to continue on foot. They eventually arrived to the prison island of the Forlonde Wastelands, where they were greeted by treachery and from Shukra, who, unbeknownst to them, teamed up with the “Man-woman” and his-her goblin army and kidnapped the children (whilst also brutally murdering Alinda’s dog).

The remainder of the group chased them to a ritual chamber of sorts, where, through the help of the pompous Garl Glittergold, they were able to defeat all (the first heir to the Erelian throne, his army, the the man-woman, and his-her army) but Shukra, who escaped with his hostages, with the party barely escaping with their lives.

The party then teamed up with the Vanaras in the forests, who had witnessed the battle, and tracked Shukra south to the now unguarded capital of the Erelian Empire, Rilark. Here the Vanaras launched a major assault on the city guard, while Shukra was found in the castle.

In the castle sat Dolan, with his “slave” Dhavni tied with a chain near him. Next to him was the cowardly Vanara king, who had surrendered, and Shukra, who challenged Dolan to the throne. Dolan then summoned his flying mountain friend, Mainak, and Shukra flew up to fight him head on.

The party rushed in to save their friends and family who were in danger, and after a great battle, Mainak was finally crippled and Shukra came down to Earth. At this point, however, Rakuzan was revealed to have survived his brush with death, and came disguised as Alinda’s dog, allying with Drva. Once everything had settled, the party split into two sides, with the now free Dhvani, Felix, Alinda, and all of the children on one, and Rakuzan, Dolan, and Shukra on the other. Shukra, weakened, was easily defeated, and Rakuzen fell pathetically,, being hurt and slipping and dying on his own blood.

However, it was at this point that the structure of the building, which was already weakened by the battle of Mainak and Shukra, started coming apart. Whilst escaping the failing building, Dolan expired, whilst the rest of the party – including the traitor Drva – escaped. Drva left the party, and from that moment, disappeared from the pages of history. However, Mainak the mountain, though crippled, spread the word of Dolan far and wide, to the point that, to this day, he remains as a legend, told in bedtimes stories and idolized far and wide. Alinda left to the forests, and lived out her life there. Felix initially returned to Greymil, where his sister was boosted to a leadership role after the untimely fall of the former “leader”. However, Felix and Dhvani would live out the rest of their lives trying, as best as they could, to wipe the name Dolan from the face of Ellonde, a task at which they, though moderately successful, would ultimately fail. Thus ends the tale of the tale of the adventurers who brought the end to the power-hungry Erelian Empire.

However, the Ellonde would be in political turmoil with the crippling of the Erelian Empire, until the only powerful strong enough to fill the void arrived – the legendary Ent Raj, which restored peace and unity to the land after years of war. And this, reader, does the tale of the War for Ellonde end.

-Extracted from the collected works of Arvis Trilf, Overseer at the Heritage Institute of Highgrove.



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