Into Cen

Getting through some high walls

Our adventurers meet outside of the city of Cen, part of the Magocracy of Lumene. Dhvani (the pretty) and Felix (the drop dead gorgeous) are in the line for entry into Cen, trailed by the strong and pompous Dolan D. Wolf, who has a good chat with a halfling in the line (Gnome jokes – the lifeblood of Ellonde). To the side of the line is the mysterious Drva, a dwarven wizard watching as the lines go by. Trying to enter the city, Felix gets into some trouble by trying the sweet talk the (slow) guard to let him through more easily. His Garl Glittergold artifact, his crossbow, his crowbar and his grappling hook are confiscated as he is ushered in. In the confusion, Drva tries to unsuccessfully sneak into the city, but is spotted by some guards. He casts mist and hides roughly in a dumpster – and is successful, as the guards on the outside are paid badly. Felix receives his Garl Glittergold artifact, crowbar, and grappling hook, but his crossbow is “incinerated”. Dhvani and Dolan are able to get in with no troubles.

Seeing a young boy advertising (falsely) for free drinks and after Dolan hits on Dhvani by offering her a drink, they go into a bar. They meet a shopkeeper, Jed, who tries to sell them a rusty dagger, which they refuse. He then tries to sell them some other “quality” goods, at when all of a sudden, a group of thugs in the center of the bar (4 humans and 2 drow) announce that they will rob the members of the bar. In a memorable battle which included Jed’s death by Dhvani, Felix hitting himself with a door handle, and the deaths of 2 of the Drow and two of the Humans (with 2 other humans escaping), the party comes out hurt but successful. However, their success soon turns into a chase, with the barmaid (healed by Felix) soon turning against them and summoning guards to catch them because they killed Jed, her husband. Two figures – the halfling who originally chatted with Dolan and a gnomish friend of his – also are present, and escape in the middle of the battle. They then go and visit a racist Dwarf blacksmith, who gives them a cheap knockoff badge for 20 gold, and refuses to deal with them any further.

They are then again on the chase, with guards after them for Jed’s death. They go on a wild goosehunt through the streets of Cen, running into a drug ring in an alley, a group of corrupt guards, a group of thugs at a fence, and a couple of prostitutes, all of which were avoided through the fake badge and some quick talking from Felix (as well as his being fabulous). They finally arrive at a door in a large, 100 ft wall, which they cautiously enter. Felix shoots a “glowstick” like object, which shows another door at the end of a long hallway they have entered, as well as triggering and alarm. They run down the hallway as fast as they could, and in the dim light, Felix is able to convince a set of guards with the shittty fake badge.

Once they reach the end of the hallway, however, no amount of smashing the door or picking the lock works to budge the door. The alarms are triggered again, and a set of five guards emerge to arrest the trespassers. Felix, using some quick thinking, tricks the guards into believing he is nobility, and intimidates two of them into fleeing. A third also eventually flees out of Felix fear. However, Dhvani gets herself knocked out by a direct assault on the head guard, and bleeding out on the floor. Dolan and the head guard engage in a swinging battle in which neither hit each other properly, while Drva goes silently and crouches behind the head guard so as to trip him. The second to last guard starts to attack Felix before he becomes afraid of having even thought of attacking a possible noble, and commits suicide (Forgive me master!). Felix heals Dhvani, who cuts the guards ankle, and Dolan finally strikes a strong hit on the guard, though he still remains standing. Felix decides to finish the job, and shoots an arrow at the guard, which, due to lucky angling, passes straight through his, ricochets, and smashes the door, cracking it.

After the guards are looted and an “official” Captain badge is stolen off the guards, the door is pried open, and Felix manages to get on the other side. Drva finds a set of keys on the guard, which he hands to Felix, who opens the door, and they all get out. However, before they do, they hear strong, metallic footsteps in the distance, with the alarm still blaring off. They run into an open field, which seems to be a hunting grounds of a sort; the industrial area looms large in one direction, and the shining spires of the academy and capital rise in the other; there is also a castle in the distance, and forest. They run through the grounds, eventually happening upon a stable of a sorts. As it is night by this point, they run in, and Drva (with his Snake out) and Dhavni hide in the hay, with Felix lying on top of it. Dolan climbs to the rafters and they all go to sleep after a long and tiresome day of breaching the walls of Cen.



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