The Theocracy of Mithlinde

The Theocracy of Mithlinde is the religious capital of Ellonde. It is also known to be a puppet state of the Erelian Empire, with its government of “high clerics” answering directly to Khazzuu I. As a result, it is at war with all the Erelian Empire’s enemies as well, and serves as a buffer between the Elven kingdom and the Empire.


Mithlinde is surrounded by the Erelian Empire to the north and east, Belonde to the west, and the western edge of the Hondande forests to the south. The interior consists of deserts in the north till Calmacil, and plains to the south.

History and Culture

Mithlinde’s history mixes deeply with its myth. It is said to have been home of the Gods during the ancient times, and creation myths and other stories around the Gods abound. It’s city of Calmacil was historically the most prominent and powerful city in Ellonde, though after the Emergence of Cen and then the Empire, its power has waned considerably. In the south, another city – Meleth – preaches a more dangerous gospel – that there is only one god, known as the Diem, who is omniscient and omnipotent, and that only a few have a chance to escape its wrath, the Chosen Ones. Though the Diemites have existed for centuries, their message was slow to catch on in a period of stability, in a world where the Gods are apparent and visible. However, in modern times, more and more beings are converting into Diemites in Mithlinde and across Ellonde
However, for its rich history, beliefs, and myths, modern Mithlinde is no legend, but rather, a puppet state of the Empire. Rebellions and unrest throughout the Theocracy of Mithlinde were caused by the uproar created by Khazzuu’s conquest; this led the leaders to, in secret, approach Khazzuu I and submit themselves to him, becoming a puppet state in exchange for the military strength to suppress rebellion and revolt and to appease the peoples of the land. By 5035, Khazzhuu I ruled the entirety of the central lands, as well as the Theocracy of Mithlinde.

Outside of its history, Mithlinde is known for being a well frequented pilgrimage site, with temples and sites across the nation. Thousands flock there every year, especially to Calmacil, to pay their respects to their God or deity.

Demographics and Biodiversity

The population is near equal for all the races and species present, with humans having a slight majority at a little over 50%. As long as a being believes in one of the Gods or a message of a God, then they have a place to go to in Mithlinde.

As for wildlife in the lands, monsters typical to deserts and plains exist in Mithlinde; therefore, monster hunters are sought out for and paid well, especially by rich pilgrims. Outside of that, typical species of animal are found in these areas are present (ie, in an alternate reality, equivalent to Europe/ North America).

Economy and Politics

The system adopted by the Mithlinde uses the gold, silver, copper, and platinum system present since time immemorial as its primary currency. Opton Banking, the banking monopoly of Ellonde, under Pipper Diles, holds a monopoly here. However, the old system of bartering is still allowed to function at present.

The political system consists of the a council of Clerics of all races and genders rule with an equivalent say; they achieve these positions through a training system where clerics learn the ways of God, and preach these messages to the populace.

Foreign Relations and Military

Mithlinde is a puppet state of the Erelian Empire, and has no army of its own; the Empire lends it its worst troops in case an army is needed.

Mithlinde is actively seen as an enemy and ally to the Erelian Empire by much of the world; however, little effort is placed on subjugating it as it is considered Holy Land; as a result, the nation often falls out of conversation entirely, and when it does enter, it usually refers to taking a Pilgrimage there.

The Theocracy of Mithlinde

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