The Principality of Belonde

The Principality of Belonde, though a single state, consists of three individual vassal states Nella, Illuin, and Ollo – united together against the Erelian Empire. The Prince of Belonde, Faeron, rests in the most powerful state, Nella, and the rest of the states serve as independent states who merely provide money and army resources to fight the Empire.


The nation of Belonde is surrounded by the Sasparin Seas to the north, the Eglalquadian Republic to the west, and the Theocracy of Mithlinde to the east. Its interior consists of primarily woodlands and pine forest, and other small bodies of water are also scattered throughout it.

History and Culture

Belonde was originally an alliance formed between six vassal states: Sairina, Aewen, Lindisse, Nella, Illuin, and Ollo. These states consist of a central capital ruied by a feudal lord, surrounded by merchants and businessmen in the capital, and large populations of serfs toiling in menial labor, focusing more on woodworking and logging in the former three, and more on crafting in the latter three. The alliance was formed in 5000, and was made to challenge the Erelian Empire. The empire was seen as a threat to the Elven vassal states, and as such, the Elven ruled states formed an alliance to go against it.

The three western provinces – Sairina, Aewen, and Lindisse – were seen as cruder, less refined cultures than the latter three – Nella, Illuin, and Ollo. Therefore, it was little surprise to all but the highest ruling classes when the former three vassal states split off to form the Eglalquadian Republic, a political entity unlike anything seen in Ellonde before. A bloody civil war from 5010-5027 reduced the Elven armies – the only armies that would have possibly stood a chance against the Erelian Empire – to a fraction of their size. In the end, the Republic won, seperating itself from its homeland. Though ties were never truly repaired, for the time being, they maintain an uneasy truce, as the Empire still looms large on the horizon.

In Belonde – now consisting of only Nella, Illuin, and Ollo – the method of raising armies did not change, with the Prince and lords raising vassal troops from unwilling serfs and fighting a losing battle with outdated technologies and an army destroyed by civil war. As time went on, the Principalities troops were reduced so far that it was forced to fight on the defensive – and since the Empire cared more about Thaczil, it survived; but should the Empire ever turn its eye on Belonde, the Principality will fall.

Demographics and Biodiversity

The leadership of Belonde primarily consists of High Elves, ruled by Faeron of Nella, and with 2 other elven lords of the vassal states.

A majority of the population is also elven, with 90% being elven, and 10% being split among other “Good” races nearly equally, except dwarves, who are often despised here. “Evil” races, such as orcs, goblins, and other beings – as well as mixed race beings for most types, except half-elves – are often killed on sight by the military. Half elves, though allowed to live, are seen as second class citizens, and treated poorly by the government. However, much of the population is apathetic to this unless they are being directly harmed, and will go along their way regardless.

As for wildlife in the lands, mindless monsters of the forests found in Ellonde can be located, along with sea monsters on the coast; and most of these monsters roam freely, desecrating towns and settlements as they wish. Monster hunters are one of the most sought out specialists in the land, freelance or professional, for good pay. Goblins, orcs, and other sentient monsters are – unlike in the Empire – discriminated against and killed on sight by the military or mercenaries. Outside of that, typical species of animal are found in the forests and seas (ie, in an alternate reality, equivalent to Europe/ North America).

Economy and Politics

The system adopted by Belonde uses the gold, silver, copper, and platinum system present since time immemorial as its primary currency. Opton Banking, the banking monopoly of Ellonde, under Pipper Diles, holds a monopoly here. However, the old system of bartering is still allowed to function at present.

The political system consists of the Prince of Belonde, Faeron, who is located in Nella, and the Lords of the two vassal states, each ruling at the states capitals. The court system runs on a feudal basis, with the Lords having final say in their domains, and the King having final say in the nation. A court also exists in each vassal state and the kings palace, where all decisions are made through discussion. As Belonde is an Elven state, High Elves are the only representatives in the nations ruling class.

Foreign Relations and Military

The military of Belonde consists of Prince Faeron’s personal army, raised from levies in his court; the levies raised from the lords of the vassal states; and hired mercenaries who work for the Kingdom. Belonde, originally having an army nearly 2 times the size of the Empire, with efficient technology for its time (before the empire developed new technologies), was considered the largest threat to the Empire after the fall of the Central Kingdoms (who were quashed after surprise attacks), and had it not fallen into Civil war, the strong possibility exists that it might have been able to quash it before its rise.

Today, Belonde is a minor threat to the Erelian Empire, and with the empires forces numbering nearly 200 times greater than the states, there is little it can do. It primarily fights with ranged weapons and magic, though crude melee weapons are also used – they are all ineffective against the Empires new superior technology. At this point, Belonde is thankful the Empire’s gaze is not upon them, and are just holding up their barriers on the border with the empire to survive, as well as watching their back in case the Republic will return to fight.

Belonde is (uneasily )allied with the Republic and the other monarchical states, and fighting the Erelian Empire. However, tensions are tight between the dwarven and the Republic states, and war will probably break out should the Empire disappear.

The Principality of Belonde

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