The Erelian Empire


The Erelian empire is the largest political entity in Ellonde, and takes up much of its central landmass and seas. It shares borders, either land or sea, with every other nation in the world, and has both a strong military presence and a strong naval presence. It only has one true metropolis, its capital, Rilark, which also serves as the nations economic and cultural hub. Throughout its landscape exist the ruins of cities and castles, destroyed by the Dragonborn conquerers as they passed through, and small towns and hidden hamlets, some newly formed and others as old as time itself. The nation, in the year 5038, has been at war with the rest of the civilized world for 40 years, since it conception in 4998.


The nation is surrounded by Vallonde to the east and west, and other nations and principalities to the north and south. The only nations not sharing a land border are the Forlonde Wastelands and the Principality of Belone, which instead have sea borders to the nation. Its interior consists of mountains in the north (from Thaczil to Rilark); deserts in the northeast (right under the Forlonde wastelands); great plains in the east (from near the northern border near Mobe to the southern border near Lumene); forests in the southeast and the northwest, from Rilark west to the coast and on the northwestern peninsula; and the Sasparin Sea and other small bodies of water scattered throughout it.

History and Culture

The Erelian Empire is a young empire founded merely 40 years ago, in the year 4998. The year 4998 marked the emergence of the being who would forever shape the history of the world, radically altering the face of the globe – Khazzuu. This young dragonborn of unknown origins came out of the shadows of central kingdoms of Ellonde, which were, at the time, ruled by the Dragon Lords.

He formed an army of Dragonborn and oppressed beings on every other race on the planet, from humans to orcs to elves to dwarves, which, supported by a council of Dragonborn commanders who had united underneath him and disillusioned by the monarchial system under the Dragon Lords that had reigned for millennia, was able to topple all of the central kingdoms in one swift blow, and spread west and east to take much of the world’s central landmass, consisting of principalities and kingdoms of human, elven, dwarven, and dragon rule, until by 5030, he had formed the largest unified government in the recorded history of the world, the Erelian Empire, and had dubbed himself Khazzuu I of the Erelian Empire.

His greatest triumph was yet at hand, however, as rebellions and unrest throughout the Theocracy of Mithlinde caused by the uproar created by his conquest led the leaders to, in secret, approach Khazzuu I and submit themselves to him, becoming a puppet state in exchange for the military strength to suppress rebellion and revolt and to appease the peoples of the land. By 5035, Khazzhuu I ruled the entirety of the central lands, as well as the Theocracy of Mithlinde.

Currently, the empire controls much of the central landmass of the continent, which had once been separate domains ruled by elves, dwarves, humans, dragon lords, and even other minor races. As such, though the Empire itself has its highest rule by the Dragonborn, all other races coexist within it peacefully. However, many major cities which, forced by their lords, held resistance to the empires forces, and in result, were destroyed. But from the ruins of these feudal cities emerged small, autonomous, egalitarian towns which the Empire paid little to no notice to, except for collecting taxes when discovered by the empires oft traveling scouts and efficient worg based messenger system. Should a town ever rebel against the tax system, however, the Empire would deal a swift punishment upon the town, until the taxes or goods were finally collected and delivered. The same applies to old towns; however, beyond this system, as long as a town acknowledges the empire and sends in its pay, it is autonomous, with its own culture and customs – and to do so is a wise choice, as spies of every race abound, reporting directly to the Dragonborn generals or the Khazzuu himself. However, murder is one exception to this rule, with acts of murder condemning people to be immediately drafted into the army fighting at the borders, especially near Thaczil. Mixed race towns and species are common, and all races are represented – with the exception of the universally hated dragons, who are often enslaved illegally or killed on sight.

Demographics and Biodiversity

The leadership of Ellonde primarily consists of Dragonborns, but devoted follwers of Khazzuu of other races have ascended the ranks as well, most notably the dwarves, who maintain the best relations with the Dragonborn due to both races orginating from mountainous regions around the same time in prehistory. As such, dwarves are slightly more respected by the Dragonborn, and elves slightly less, with humans and other races being a middleground.

Most of the population outside the leadership is split evenly, with about 30% each of dwarves, elves, and humans, and 10% of the other races, ranging from gnomes to goblins to orcs to halflings. Though infighting does occur between towns and within towns themselves, especially between traditionally “good” and “evil” species, this often does not rise beyond street scuffles, with all races knowing that preserving their lives is more important, as murder leads to being drafted into the army, from which, as common knowledge states, no one ever returns.

As for wildlife in the lands, nearly every species of mindless monster found in Ellonde can be located, land or seas; however, the army of the land is efficient enough to keep all the most dangerous species at bay – with monster hunters being one of the most sought out specialists in the land, freelance or professional, for good pay – and species with some intelligence being allotted land to create their own towns, or being sent into towns themselves – such as goblins, orcs, and other sentient monsters – in an attempt to rehabilitate them so as to eventually use them in the army. Outside of that, typical species of animal are found in the grasslands, forests, deserts, mountains, and seas (ie, in an alternate reality, equivalent to Europe/ North America).

Economy and Politics

The system adopted by the empire uses the gold, silver, copper, and platinum system present since time immemorial as its primary currency. Soon after the formation of the Empire, it was immediately approached by the head of Opton Banking, the banking monopoly of Ellonde, Pipper Diles, and a deal was struck with Opton establishing itself as the only system in all of the Empire. However, the old system of bartering is still allowed to function at present.

The political system consists of the Emperor, Khazzuu I, who is said, in rumors at least, to be nearing old age and is on his deathbed – though there is no way to confirm the facts; his four sons, all vying for the throne, which, may or may not cause political instability in the nation; and the Dragonborn/other race generals, nearly as old and having settled into a slightly more “comfortable” lifestyle, and also glancing at the throne. Beyond this, a court system or other political branch was deemed unnecessary and even dangerous, with the Emporer being the sole judge of character and quarrel, though he oftentimes passed down judgements to his sons or general. All decisions are made solely by the emperor, or with discussion with his children and generals.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Erelian Empire, having destroyed many kingdoms of Ellonde, has become a defacto enemy of all traditional, monarchical systems, meaning it is at war with the world (even the Eglalquadian Republic sees it as an autocratic danger, and has put aside its differences with Belonde to fight it). However, except for disposable troops thrown at the borders, the only border focused on is that of Thaczil, with the slipperly Dragons slipping from the empires fingers every time, and the mountainous terrain and fortresses in the land making it difficult to destroy easily. As a result, new technology, such as flying beasts called airships and mechanically driven tools called guns have started being developed in secret bases by the Empire.

As for the military, most of it still uses traditional weapons, most notably the bow and arrow for hit and run attacks in forests and on plains, as well as magic and melee weapons. Near Thaczil, airships and guns are starting to gain prominence, though their development is still ongoing.

The military consists of a mandatory draft of any creature – male, female, or other – for at least 5 years, immediately after adulthood is reached. Lifelong drafts are issued for any known citizen (and there is good documentation of citizens, as well as spies across the nation) who has either committed murder or failed to fulfill their 5 year draft time – and often, these people are disposable forces thrown at the southern borders. Should any go AWOL, immediate death penalty is issued, and “The File” as it is known, contains the names and drawn images of all officers ever to do any of the above crimes – and this is is distributed weekly to be kept by all commanding officers at bases by the worg system.

The transportation system of the military is domesticated worgs, learned from goblins and orcs, which provides fast, efficient travel for messages and scouting. There is also an extensive spy system, made of creatures most suitable for the task. Once a creature serves its 5 years in the military, it is free to go home; however, should it serve longer, suitable benefits are provided for its family till its death, forcing many to serve till the end.

The Erelian Empire

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