Felix von Braun

A Gnomish Cleric of Garl Glittergold


Felix grew up in the principality of Greymil, a small town ruled over by the Von Braun family for generations and lies on the border of the Hondande Forest in the Erelian Emprie. Growing up in the small gnomish community, Felix developed quite a personality, ranging from his elaborate and harmless pranks, to his strong desire to heal the wounded. As he grew into his skills of trickery and healing, he drew the attention of the gnomish protector, Garl Glittergold, a deity long since forgotten by this small collective of gnomes. The Watchful Protector came to Felix in a vision and warned him of a coming evil within the small gnomish community and told him to leave the empire for a time. Felix was not entirely sure about what this meant, but he felt deep in his bones that this was true, so he set off of some new adventure, carrying around a hand made symbol for the Gnomish deity who has continued to guide him in the right direction. After months of travel, Felix made it to the Republic, walking into the face of danger as he wouldn’t be accepted there. Once there, he was walking through the woods when he came across the mauled and bloodied Dhvani, lifeless on the ground. Felix thought this must have been a sign from the god himself and healed up the poor half elf. They’ve been partners ever since, and five years later the arrived in the magocracy. We decided to investigate the city of Cen since we had heard rumors about a wealthy figure influencing the supposedly neutral state.


Felix von Braun

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