Entering the Academy

The group awakens in the stables to find a new companion, Alinda, a former university student who decides to tag along with them (first seen by Felix, then the others). Just before a group of guards enter to search the stable the group is hidden in, an old halfling Illusion magic professor comes and tells off the guards, letting them know it is his private property. He then beckons the group out, who recognize him as the halfling they saved in the tavern in the poor part of the city.

The halfling takes them to his house, and explains the academy is in lockdown, with a student revolt called the Liberation Front emerging with weapons of unknown origin (kind of like guns with arcane bullets) which has taken control of the university. The situation is unknown, but there are known hostages present in the facility. The professor offers 5000 gp from his wealth for the group to save his son, who is a research student at the university. He provides them with a signed note and a pass which are used to gain access to the academy (back entrance). Their pass is detained by a guard, however, who lets them know they have a time limit of two hours before a patrol unit is sent to retrieve them and kick them out (with other possible repercussions).

They enter the city and wander the campus a bit, until their presence is noted by three guards in all black with red goggles (the uniform of the Liberation Front). They kill two, while a third flees, and retrieve two of the projectile weapons, one with 3 shots, and the others with an unknown amount.

They keep searching (with no results; as Drva explains, the Illusion building, which is what they are searching for, has its entrance switch between secret locations in other buildings, making it difficult to find) until they reach the main building, next to a building with a sign marked (crudely painted) Necromancy. Dolan attempts to climb this building, alerting his presence to a group of students standing around a bonfire burning texts. They shoot him down (which he barely survives) and go on pursuit of him. To escape, the group ducks into the main building, coming upon a great hall with three doors – with green, yellow, and red lights in each. They enter the green light hallway after hearing a scream, and find a lab with glowing green glass tanks with subjects in them. Felix immediately kills the seemingly lead scientist (revealed to be his mother) and two other scientists (goblin and gnome – which is revealed to be one of his past servants). Two of the cages are released (with a handprint from the remaining halfling and the corspes) to free Ma’ila (Dhvani’s sister) and Regen (Felix’s sister), but both are twisted in the mind. The former stabs Dhvani in the heart with a sword made from her blood jutting from a cavity in her abdomen, while the latter is immediately locked up and placed in the green fluid. Ma’ila is, after a battle, also driven back into her cage and the fluid is introduced. The halfling reveals he is only a subordinate, and mentions a cure in the Hondande Forest from the Gnomes notes.

Felix finds he is able to turn the liquid – a highly concentrated form of water with other chemicals – into pure water, but accidentally drowns his sister. The green fluid gives her back her life, and using quick action and Felix’s spell, Ma’ila is freed with little hitch. However, Regen nearly drowns, until an epic chest press by Felix saves her life.

Ma’ila reveals she has no memory since the destruction of her home; Regen reveals Brutus and Felix’s mother turned on the family almost immediately following Felix’s departure, killing their father and her twin brother. She was kept as experimental fodder for some reason.

The halfling is allowed to escape, dodging Drva, but before he goes, he reveals that it was a mysterious figure named Rakuzen who was behind all of what was going on. The final green tube contained a halfling, but before the heros had the chance to investigate, they heard footsteps, and Drva detected a secret door to escape into. Jumping down into a secret cavern beneath the lab, the group finds themselves in a long hallway, which is revealed to be an illusion by Drva. The room is actually a smooth, circular room with a single door with the same yellow glow around the peripheries as seen before. With no other means to escape (unless the walls are somehow scaled to reenter the lab, the group decides to take rest for the night, waiting until they are healed to proceed.



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